Seasons of KDE

Before I started working on my Seasons of KDE project, I already did some Junior Jobs. I reviewed Bugs and fixed a few of them. This helped me a lot to get a little deeper into KDE. Especially in getting to know all the tools, which are being used when developing KDE software.
But I wanted to do something more Complex and so I joined the Seasons of KDE program.
There was a project idea I found interesting: writing a new KIOSK tool. The last one was developed for KDE3 and there was no successor.

So the Idea of Confine was born, a replacement for the old KIOSK tool. I got assigned to a wonderful Mentor, who is also head of this project: Siddharth Sharma.

After I started working on Confine I quickly noticed, that most technical documentation about the KIOSK framework was outdated. And even most tutorials and guides on the Internet only are talking about the old KIOSK implementation from KDE3 and only a few mentions KDE4. KF5 was not mentioned once. So I had to piece together all the information, using old guides, asking my mentor for advice and reading some source code. But I will get more into technical details in the next post.

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